Saturday, April 9, 2011

And so it begins...

Welcome to the virginal post on the blog companion for the Displaced Redneck Podcast...Here you will find updated show information, playlists, podcast announcements, etc. for my shitty little podcast dealing with some great, not-at-all-mainstream "country" (for lack of a better inclusive term,) music.

Why bother?  Good question.  I have neither the time nor resources really to devote to this, but in intend to find both in the interest of doing what needs to be done.  Simply stated - there is some GREAT music out there, if only one will take the time to find it.  On-line radio stations, satellite radio and the new breed on on-line band promotion devices (lastfm, Reverb Nation, etc.) are making it easier than ever for people to find new music - take advantage of it.  Radio sucks and has sucked for a LONG, LONG time.  Record companies suck and have sucked for a LONG, LONG time.  There is no longer any need to allow someone else to tell you what you should and shouldn't listen to.  This new horizon is like Deadwood - it's lawless, insane and open for exploration.  Look around, take a shot and listen to some bands you never would've been able to expose yourself to.

In that spirit, my interest is primarily Americana, Gothic Country, County Punk - whatever the fuck you choose to call it...I listen to everything from the Dion & the Belmonts to Aborted Fetus and currently have over 8000 CDs worth of material on my harddrives, so my interests are varied, though time and time again I find myself listening to bands like Slim Cessna's Auto Club (and all of it's various off-shoots,) Murder By Death, etc. so I decided to focus my podcast on that genre - for now.  My original idea was to create a podcast and play a eclectic brand of shit I like, but I realized quickly that my interests and tastes presented in its diverse incarnation would likely appeal to no one, so I focused on what I like best.

Anyway, thanks for checking it out...there's a Displaced Redneck page on Facebook so go "like" that motherfucker and check in and tell me what's good, what sucks, what I'm missing, bands I should check out, etc. and let's spread the word that music is alive and well - it's just hidden beneath some seriously faltering corporate bullshit.

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